Office coffee situation make you sad?
Make your coworkers jelly with some Kit & Coffee.

Bitter drip pots. Stale single-cup brews. Who needs 'em?

You know what would break up that monotonous work day? A great cup of coffee. Unless you're somehow lucky enough to have a coffee shop in your office (if you do, I seriously want to know), you're probably going to get stuck with a bitter cup from that drip pot that gets washed once a year or a stale cup from that single-cup brewing machine.

Well not anymore! It's time to take a stand against mediocre beverages in the workplace. Treat yourself to something better. Like Kit & Coffee. Stash a kit in your desk, or subscribe and keep an entire box of coffee packets in your bottom drawer (locked away from your soon-to-be jealous coworkers of course).

Enjoy your morning a little more with a better cup of coffee.

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Each Kit has everything you need to experience 3 excellent coffees. Just add hot water.

They are the perfect size to take traveling, to the office, and any place you want great coffee with no fuss.

All Kits are $10 with free shipping.

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