Kit & Coffee will be the new way you buy, drink, and share coffee each day.

Our Mission

We love great coffee, but we realized how hard it is to find, buy, and make great coffee. Unless you live near a "third wave" coffee shop, you may have never even tasted great coffee. That changes now.

We developed the simplest method of finding and brewing great coffee. We produce coffee "Kits", which include a sample assortment of coffees with a common theme like origin, roast profile, or coffee roaster. As you rate each coffee you try, our proprietary algorithm will recommend new coffees for your monthly subscription box based on factors like acidity, body, and flavor notes - to ensure an endless Coffee Journey. And the best part is you only need hot water and a mug to brew the best coffee you’ve ever had. That's it.

Our team


James Walton

In my experience in the coffee industry, I've seen the transformation from bean to cup. I don't believe that you start drinking coffee at point A and end at Z - the fictitious best cup of coffee ever. I believe that the journey from B to Y is where you really start to delve into the rabbit hole of coffee - enjoying every single sip along the way.


Chris Yuska

I'm a software developer with an appetite for making and understanding great coffee. I believe artificial intelligence can help us discover new and delicious coffees we never expected to enjoy. When I'm not drinking coffee or working on our platform, I'm typically hacking on side projects, drinking bourbon, or hanging out with my cat and girlfriend.

Our Office

310 East 6th Street, Suite 20,
New York, NY 10003
(646) 694-8548