Watery gas station coffee?
Bitter hotel coffee?
Kit & Coffee is travel-ready.

Kit & Coffee is ready to travel with you, wherever you go.

It doesn't matter how you travel. Getting quality coffee when you're on the go is questionable at best. It doesn't have to be though. Just throw a Kit & Coffee kit in your bag and you're ready for the world.

On the road? Ditch that gas station drip pot of MegaCorp™ coffee for a cup and some hot water for your high-quality grounds.

Flying? Guess what? Airplanes have hot water ready. With a little help from a second cup, your pour-over will be ready in no time.

Staying a hotel and not sure how long that plastic cup of grinds has been sitting? Skip the grinds and use the same machine's hot water for your delicious cup of coffee from Kit & Coffee.

With individual packets small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket, you don't need to worry about how or where you'll get your next coffee fix.

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Each Kit has everything you need to experience 3 excellent coffees. Just add hot water.

They are the perfect size to take traveling, to the office, and any place you want great coffee with no fuss.

All Kits are $10 with free shipping.

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