Don't settle for instant coffee on your next hike like a savage.
Drink Kit & Coffee.

Drinking great coffee while camping doesn't have to be hard.

Imagine this. You wake up in a tent in the early morning in the quiet wilderness. Outside, you feel the brisk morning air and smell the dew drops around you. How could this get any better?

Coffee. Not that instant stuff. Not that harsh cowboy stuff either. And although you make a mean cup of coffee at home, bringing your equipment isn't really practical for this trip.

Fortunately, you came prepared. You have Kit & Coffee in your backpack. Ohh, you know what would really complement this morning? A coffee from a farmer with a rainforest in their backyard. Good thing you have one of the 228 Limited Reserve Costa Rican coffee packets with you.

Within a few short minutes after heating up some water on the campfire, you can now be drinking some of the best coffee you could have this far from a coffee shop.

With Kit & Coffee in your bag, you can pack lightly and travel with minimal waste until you're back to civilization. Leave the coffee gear at home.

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Each Kit has everything you need to experience 3 excellent coffees. Just add hot water.

They are the perfect size to take traveling, to the office, and any place you want great coffee with no fuss.

All Kits are $10 with free shipping.

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