Why go anywhere else when you can make the best coffee at home?
Kit & Coffee is here to help.

Don't let the weather keep you from a tasty cup of coffee.

Making a great cup of coffee at home can be hard. In addition to having a decent grinder, scale, kettle, dripper, and a high-quality bag of beans required for a pour-over, you'll also need the knowledge of how to use this equipment. This can be daunting and expensive for people who love coffee and want to get into home brewing their own.

Have all of that equipment and knowledge already? That's awesome! But if you're like us, we like trying lots of coffees. Unfortunately, that's rarely practical when you have to buy big bags of beans that you may or may not even enjoy.

That's where Kit & Coffee comes in. Not only do we measure and grind quality beans from around the world before sealing them into our packets for freshness, we also use some super-geeky science on the backend to help you consistently find and enjoy new coffees. Subscribe, rate the coffees you drink, and we'll tailor each box individually to your tastes.

Subscribing sound like too much commitment? We get it! That's why we have individual kits for those occasions you want to treat yourself at home or try something new.

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Each Kit has everything you need to experience 3 excellent coffees. Just add hot water.

They are the perfect size to take traveling, to the office, and any place you want great coffee with no fuss.

All Kits are $10 with free shipping.

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